So if...

We use the method "Collective Value Design"© to define or rewrite company values.

Several steps of dagnostic are necessary to observe practices and existing values and ways of evolution to build :

  •  A documentary study.
  •  Exchange meeting with the CEO. 
  •  Wokshops with the Executive committee.
  •  Workshops with employees off all diverse jobs.

Enriched with all this work, the CEO and his Executive committee settle :

  •  A shared ambition.
  •  A formalization of adopted values.
  •  A choice of leadership and management practices coherent with these values.
  •  A clarification of rules and scopes if necessary.

After, next to you we help you to align for all the jobs of your company :

  •  The leadership-management practices, the rites and symbols, the remuneration and recognition practices, which make values living, thanks to observed behaviours and acts.
  •  The processes and the organization to serve your clients with excellence.

                        To steer collective intelligence  by fitted values !

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