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Round Agnès Poirier,
  • founder of the agency Talentissima in 1999, after 10 years as a Human Resources Director in international groups and 7 years in teaching.

          She inspires and guides Executives and Team Executives to steer collective 

          intelligence by values.

          She is convinced that coherence between the running of a company and  

          communicated values is key capital for company perenniality, regarding clients, 

          employees and investors benefits.

          With her external and relevant analysis to organizations and humans, her

          enthusiasm, her perspicacity and active listening and humour, she can focus on

          the best of each Executive and teams.

          To remain at the front of her industry, she is member of a number of international 

          networks : (EuropeanPWN, IFA, Groupe Europe Est...).

a flexible and diverse network of experts...
  • Values to guide communication, Thierry WELLHOFF.
  • Accompaning transformations, Pierre DAEMS, Etienne ROY
  • Governance and strategy, Bruno VAN DER HEYDEN (INSEAD Professor)
  • To manage crisis communiction, Emmanuelle HERVE.
  • To pilot a sutainable development, Olivier DUBIGEON.
  • Prospering in an uncertain world, Olivier SOUDIEUX
  • Weak signals opening ways of the future, Philippe CAHEN
  • Making success of disprutive innovations, Benoît SARAZIN
  • Coming to light your exellence, Joël GUILLON
  • Developing cooperation within multicultural teams, Yael GUILLON, Kathleen DAMERON
  • Acting with agility trough sens, teamworking quality and pleasure, Jérôme BARRAND
  • Living "intelligent relationship" with Unions, Hubert LANDIER, Hervé JEGOUZO and Pascal GALLOIS
  • Management and golf, Xavier LEBEUF

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